LC DeVine1001

Chanting slogans, crying in despair, praying in anguish, running and screaming as sirens are blaring, tear gas drops clouding the air, and police yelling, pushing, handcuffing marchers. This is not a riot—but the start of a “Revolution”…and it’s about time.

Shocking, isn’t it, to read someone has the nerve to write such a thought. I, like most people around the world have watched the unrest unfolding in Ferguson, Mo. Most folks in disbelief that such a situation is happening right here in the heartland of the USA.

But, for many African-American/Blacks, who aren’t hiding behind the superficial cloak of their soci-economic class, know the pain and reality these people in this town are experiencing, and understand they are sick and tired of their situation as many others around the world in their unrest.

Many other ethnic groups, especially whites, cannot grasp what’s going on, because as the character in an old television program, “Good Times,” put it, “How can you understand where I’m coming from, if you haven’t been where I been to understand?” In these non-black communities they do not see the injustice so they can’t fathom why these African-American/Blacks will not go home and allow justice to handle the legal aspect of this situation.  They do not understand that time after time ‘their legal system’ of justice fails to provide legal justice for others. They do not understand that this ‘warrior cry’ is not just about the death of an unarmed black teenager, but about the hundreds of deaths, the racial profiling, the years and decades of being dehumanized and being treated with the utmost disrespect from/by the police and other whites

Many of us understand that the presence of law enforcement in Ferguson is really not there to protect the people, but the property of those stores and shop owners. These people are not fighting, shooting, or harming each other, but as soon as the businesses were touched they arrived in military fashion ready to shoot to kill if necessary over property-not over human lives, especially not theirs.

Unfortunately, those that live in Ferguson will pay for the destruction to those businesses when and if they reopen by way of higher prices, because the shop and store owners will file insurance claims and ultimately that will be passed on to them in even higher prices for the goods they purchase from those establishments.

A fortunate situation however, can come from all the solidarity, brother and sisterhood, energy, rage and anger once the momentum is over.  What I am referring to is the opportunity for changes these people will have in order to create the desired changes they seek if they collectively stay together. They have the power to remove by recall or not to reelect the prosecutor, the sheriff, the mayor, and the city council members that regulate what goes on legally in their community. These revolutionists have the power to form community coalitions, to monitor and protect their individual neighborhoods and communities. They have the power to change the behavior of the policing that occurs in their community by joining the law enforcement….Yes, becoming the police. But, because of the decades of police mistreatments, brutality, and negative rap in their communities this is a line of work they have avoided. There are very few, if any children in these communities thinking about growing up to become a police officer, but it’s time for us to change that.

In addition, these people in this community have the power to pool their money and resources together and start their own businesses. I’m guessing none of those businesses that were damaged in Ferguson were Black owned.  I am sure they would not have done such a thing to their own places of business.

I believe for those that don’t live in communities like Ferguson, and by the way there are thousands of them throughout the USA, should understand that this was about more than a White police officer and a Black teenager, but about the injustice and harassment of White police officers all over the country forced brutality against citizens and the law being stacked against them when they seek justice in the legal system. Far too many times, as many around the world have witnessed, the court system has jurors that live outside these communities, that do not understand the culture and rely on their own prejudices, perceptions and culture differences in their decision making, which often align with the officers of their own ethnicity.

So, I say YES…it’s time for a “revolution,” not by destruction, but by voting out those that do not have our best interest in mind, by policing our own communities to ensure our children are safe, by crowd-funding to create our own businesses, and by instilling moral values , and learning to show love toward all people. I say yes, to a revolution all over this country because it’s time–not in hate, but for the purpose of living together in peace, respect, and love.