Producer – Director Tiffany Jackman (Courtesy Photo)

After this year’s Oscar nominations, it’s clear that women are playing a larger role in a competitive filmmaking industry and are getting the recognition that they very much deserve. Head of Film Development at HOBO Films Tiffany Jackman is just one individual who has been able to break into this industry and also become a role model for young women of color.

Born in Queens, NY, after her parents immigrated from Guyana in South America, Tiffany grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, and returned to New York at age 17 to attend NYU, majoring in film and television. After graduating, she began working as a producer at various large advertising companies. Still, her passion was filmmaking, so while working in the advertising world she began producing feature films on the side such as The Inquisition of Camilo Sanz, which landed on HBO, and The Hudson Tribes on Amazon Prime.

After spending a decade producing content for advertising companies, Tiffany decided to pursue filmmaking full time and transitioned into a role at HOBO Films, where she most recently produced the documentary Crawford: The Man The South Forgot, which is not only streaming on kweliTV but will be featured in the Garden State Film Festival, Atlanta Film Festival and Spyflix Film Festival this year. It is a groundbreaking documentary revealing the true story behind the tragic lynching of a successful Black South Carolina farmer in 1916.
Tiffany is also teaching filmmaking courses at New York City College of Technology and Five Towns College where she hopes to help younger folks pursue their passions. Since it is Women’s History Month, I am hoping you would be interested in a piece about Tiffany and the work she has done throughout her career, specifically on the Crawford documentary and its success on kweliTV – a home for content focused on the Black experience and that of the Black diaspora. Tiffany’s goal is to tell stories that need to be told to raise awareness around the social, political and economic injustices in our world.