As Michelle Obama continues to define her role as First Lady, she has been hit with yet another round of criticism, this time for not being more visible among Washington’s social swirl.

While Obama has lived up to most expectations to expand her social life in the nation’s capital, according to a new book, “Revival: The Struggle for Survival inside the Obama White House,” by former Newsweek reporter Richard Wolffe, she still tends to keep too much to herself.

Wolffe, who has covered the White House, writes that because of the constant pressure of the past two years, the president’s circle of friends and confidants “shrank rather than expanded. “

Washington insiders believe the same to be true of Michelle Obama’s circle, according to an article on She has also been taken to task for failing to create another Camelot White House such as that which flourished briefly during the John F. Kennedy years of the early 1960s. .

The Obamas have instead been accused of being extremely businesslike in comparison, according to the article, which claims the First Lady has relied heavily on a close-knit group of friends and confidants from her Chicago hometown to shape her agenda, rather than finding her way in the Washington community.

“There has been no attempt to reach out to people they don’t see as their people,” a wife of senior administration official, who doesn’t have Chicago ties, told the Web site. “They don’t reach out even to people in the administration who aren’t from their inner circle. It’s businesslike, not Camelot.”