No. While there are fewer foreclosures than there were some years ago, we are far from out of the woods. In fact, Maryland is one of the top foreclosure states with one in every 776 property owners losing their homes.

Marcia Griffin, founder and president of HomeFree-USA. (Courtesy photo)

Despite those troubling statistics, if you are a homeowner who is struggling, there is good news: You can avoid foreclosure if you seek help, act early, and work with a government approved counseling agency first.

HomeFree-USA is a nonprofit homeownership counseling organization that serves homeowners throughout the state of Maryland. We provide completely FREE services and reliable and safe connections between homeowners and lenders. We work with state and local government officials to help keep Maryland residents in their homes.  If you are having trouble paying your mortgage, we can help you to come up with solutions whether it is a better spending plan or a mortgage modification.

On September 7, HomeFree-USA will host More Help for Homeowners, an event that helps anybody who is worried about keeping their home, or who has credit or financial concerns. Simply register to make an appointment for this free event and receive advice from certified homeownership advisors and select mortgage lenders and servicers. We’re especially proud of our lending partner, Ocwen Financial Corp, one of the largest mortgage servicers in the United States. Ocwen provides a tremendous amount of support and many modifications to struggling homeowners in the community. 

As we end the summer and start counting down the days to 2018, let’s make sure that we are financially secure. Financial information is key to keeping foreclosures down and improving the financial capability of our people. HomeFree-USA can provide that financial education, and we have a zero percent foreclosure rate among the homebuyers we have prepared for homeownership.

No matter how much you think you know about money and improving your financial life, there is always something new that you can learn. Let HomeFree-USA be your guide to a more financially rewarding future. Sign up for More Help for Homeowners at

Marcia Griffin is the founder and President of HomeFree-USA.