Hon. Willie L. Brown Jr. (left) endorses Democratic candidate Thiru Vignarajah (right) for Baltimore City State’s Attorney. (Courtesy Photos)

By Special to the AFRO

Baltimore, MD. May 18, 2022

Iconic Democrat Willie Brown Jr., who served 31 years in the California State Assembly including fourteen and one-half years as the first Black Speaker, who then in 1996 was elected the first Black Mayor of San Francisco has endorsed Democrat Thiru Vignarajah for Baltimore City State’s Attorney.

“With crime rising in Baltimore City, electing leaders who are dedicated to protecting their communities has never been more important. This is why I am proud to endorse Thiru Vignarajah for Baltimore City State’s Attorney,” said Brown.

“Thiru understands the impact prosecution has on public safety. The current state of lawlessness in Baltimore is unacceptable. Perpetrators of crime, at all levels, must be held to account for their acts. Thiru is ready to implement a strong, effective plan that will reduce crime and protect Baltimore’s many, diverse communities.”

Brown added, “I urge all Baltimoreans to join me in supporting Thiru. Under his leadership Baltimore will thrive.”

Brown’s endorsement builds on an extraordinary start for Vignarajah’s campaign and reflects the national bipartisan reach of his narrative and platform. Already Vignarajah has announced the backing of Republican Governor Larry Hogan, achieved staggering fundraising totals, and earned the support and endorsement of former Baltimore City police commissioners. 

“It is an honor to receive the support of Mayor Willie Brown, a personal hero and mentor whom I’ve admired my entire career,” said Vignarajah. “Through his decades in public service, his leadership on civil rights and equity has become the stuff of legends, and the respect for him in the Democratic Party is simply unparalleled. I look forward to turning to him for his continued advice and counsel.” 

Vignarajah clerked for Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, was a former federal and city prosecutor, and served as Maryland’s deputy attorney general. 

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the campaign’s Political Director Anthony McCarthy at (443) 488-2043. 

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