By Perry Green, AFRO Sports Editor 

Former star NFL tight end Kellen Winslow Jr. recently appeared in a San Diego court on charges that could send him away for a long time.

According to TMZ <>, Winslow pleaded not guilty June 15 on nine different charges related to sexual assault, including forcible rape, forcible sodomy, as well as burglary and kidnapping with the intent to rape.

Former NFL football player Kellen Winslow Jr., center, leaves his arraignment Friday, June 15, 2018, in Vista, Calif. The former tight end was arrested Thursday on charges of rape and other sex crimes, the day he was to appear in court on an unrelated burglary charge. (Hayne Palmour/San Diego Union-Tribune via AP, Pool)

The former Pro Bowl tight end was reportedly arrested by the San Diego Sheriff’s Major Crimes Division last Thursday. Prosecutors claim Winslow preyed on poor or old women–he allegedly picked up two women who were hitchhiking in separate scenarios and raped them both, and also allegedly broke into the mobile homes of two elderly women (age 71 and 86) with intentions of raping both, but left before doing so. Each woman said he threatened to kill them if they told anyone.

While Winslow pled not guilty to all charges, the judge ruled him a danger to the public and withheld bail. The 34-year-old and 10-year NFL veteran could face life in prison if found guilty.

Perry Green

AFRO Sports Editor