Kenneth Douglas, 60

An Ohio man and former morgue worker admitted to having sex with up to 100 corpses while under the influence of drugs or alcohol over a 16-year period.

“I would just get on top of them and pull my pants down,” Kenneth Douglas, 60, told a Hamilton County, Ohio court, according to multiple news services.

According to The New York Daily News, the full extent of Douglas’ interaction with corpses while he worked on the morgue’s night shift between 1976 and 1992 only became clear on Aug. 15, when a federal court said families of Douglas’ victims could sue the county for damages.

Douglas was initially caught in 2008, according to Cincinnati ABC affiliate WCPO, when DNA evidence connected him to semen found in the corpse of 19-year-old Karen Range. Range was murdered by a door-to-door salesman in 1982 and was nearly decapitated in the attack. Douglas pled guilty to a charge of gross abuse of a corpse and was sentenced to three years in jail.

He pled guilty in 2012 to two more cases involving abuse of the corpses of Charlene Appling, 23, who was six months pregnant when she was strangled in 1991, and April Hicks, 24, who died after falling from a third-story window in 1991, WCPO reported.

However, in a recent deposition related to the lawsuits brought by the families of his victims, Douglas said the true number of corpses with which he had sex went far beyond those three, and was as high as 100.

According to Time magazine Douglas’ wife said in a deposition that she first raised concerns with the coroner’s office when she said he smelled of sex and alcohol when she picked him up from work, but said her calls were dismissed by county supervisors.

Courtney Jacobs

AFRO Staff Writer