Georgetown junior guard Austin Freeman has been diagnosed with diabetes. Doctors don’t believe the condition will affect his basketball career, however.

Freeman, Georgetown’s leading scorer at (17 points per game) complained of a stomach virus before a home game against Notre Dame on Feb. 27. Freeman did not start the game but scored five points in 23 sluggish minutes.

On Feb. 28, Freeman made the trip with the team to Morgantown, W.Va., to play the University of West Virginia. However on the morning of the game, his condition worsened and he was brought back to Washington, D.C., and admitted to Georgetown Hospital where he was given his diagnosis.
Freeman has since returned to full practice and is being monitored by Dr. Stephen Clement, head of the Diabetes Center at Georgetown University Hospital. Clement will be at every Georgetown practice and game for the rest of the season.

“He’s doing great,” Clement told the Washington Post. “His sugars are very well controlled.”
There’s no timetable for Freeman’s return although there is a chance he will play March 6 against Cincinnati.

“He will absolutely play again this season,” Georgetown coach John Thompson III said to ESPN.
“He’s learning about his body, how his blood-sugar levels fluctuate. He may play Saturday. It will be a doctor’s decision at this point.”

Thompson is glad that Freeman is properly diagnosed. Thompson believes Freeman is back to normal.

“He looks like himself again,” Thompson said. “It’s good to see, because he had been sluggish for a while.”

The AFRO will provide updates on Freeman’s return to Georgetown’s lineup in the near future.