Tar balls from the Gulf oil spill in May have now reached Texas, according to The Associated Press. The tar’s unwelcome arrival raises questions about the oil spill’s reach and how many states will be affected by the disaster.

However, Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson said he believes the state is prepared to handle the spill’s residual effects.

“As a steward of the Texas coast, I am confident that we have the resources and plans in place with our Oil Spill Prevention and Response Program to address any potential impact this oil spill may have on the Texas coast,” Patterson said in a statement.

While the tar balls were small in number compared to the oil slicks that have inundated parts of the Gulf in Florida, Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi, Patterson said BP will compensate Texas for the damage.

“Any Texas shores impacted by the Deepwater spill will be cleaned up quickly and BP will be picking up the tab,” Patterson added.