A wheelchair bound woman and beloved member of the community was killed Jan. 16 after being caught in the crossfire of a neighborhood shooting in Southeast, D.C., police said.

According to police, Vivian Marrow, 68, was rolling her wheelchair to a nearby grocery store when she was shot on the 2400 block of Elvans Road, SE. The shooter struck Marrow and wounded a man with gunfire around 10:16 a.m. Marrow was not the intended target, according to police.

Vivian Marrow, 68, killed during a shootout in Southeast D.C.  (Courtesy photo)

Vivian Marrow, 68, killed during a shootout in Southeast D.C. (Courtesy photo)

Marrow and the male victim were taken to area hospitals where Marrow later died. “A grown man who apparently had some kind of beef or dispute with someone else felt it was okay to fire multiple shots in this neighborhood,” Interim Police Chief Peter Newsham said at a news conference on Jan. 17. “That reckless behavior has resulted in the death of a beloved community member.”

Newsham said Marrow was adored by all who knew her, and she was a mother and a grandmother. “By all accounts the people in this community loved that woman and she’s gone unnecessarily. They are going to have to struggle with this for the rest of their lives and the person responsible for this needs to be brought into custody,” he said.

Newsham pleaded for district residents to come forward with information about the killing. He said the slaying happened in broad daylight and there were several people on the scene.

Officials released video surveillance of the violent incident on Jan. 18. The video shows Marrow riding her wheelchair along the front of her apartment complex when two men ran around the corner. The shooter appears to be chasing after the male victim. Shots are fired and Marrow is caught in the chaos.

Margarita A. Mikhaylova, a spokesperson for the department, told the AFRO Jan. 23 that the investigation is ongoing and police are still looking for information regarding the homicide.

Marrow’s family created a Go Fund Me request. As of Jan. 24, $3,523 had been raised to assist with funeral expenses.

“She was a mother, grandmother, great grandmother, an auntie, and family to all that knew her. She was loved by many and truly touched the lives of every person she met,” the page read.

Amari Marrow, daughter of the deceased, said the shooting was a very sad day for her family and the community will miss her. “My mom was a very giving person and loved all the kids and in her community,” she wrote on the Go Fund Me page.

Renee Green described the love she and her family have received from associates since the death of her sister. Green wrote about a Bible Study service she attended last week where people hugged her and gave their condolences. “I wasn’t expecting anything from anyone but many of my friends associates have come forth with a kind heart and I’m so overwhelmed in their giving, and kind words,” Green said.