(Bowie, Md.) – When Bowie State University appeared in front of him at a college recruiting fair in high school, Barry Jones had no idea that four years later he would be graduating from that institution with a bachelor’s degree in biology and acceptance into a competitive pharmacy school. Jones, a native of Baltimore, Md., graduated with honors at the spring 2011 commencement ceremony later this month.

“I have always been fascinated with learning,” said Jones. “I was blessed with a great memory, so education became a natural outlet for me, more specifically, math and science. My commitment to further develop my understanding of the world I live in has been my motivation to succeed and excel.”

Not familiar with Bowie State at the time, the college fair is what prompted Barry to apply and later be accepted into the university’s honors programs. During his four years at Bowie State, Jones has been successful and active in the Bowie State community. He served as a peer mentor for the Academic Advisement Center; an executive board member for the Minority Association for Pre-Medical Students; a member of the Honda Campus All-Star Challenge team; and a member of the research group for Dr. Alan Anderson, assistant professor in the Department of Natural Sciences.

Working with Anderson provided him the opportunity to conduct scientific research including synthesis of molecular compounds, and learning to use a rotovap, GD mass spectrometer and IR spectrometer. This type of practical work has been instrumental for Jones in developing the skills needed to be successful in pharmacy school.

Jones credits his success and growth to several professors including Dr. Monika Gross, professor and director of the Honors Program, who guided and disciplined him when necessary; Dr. Sammye Miller of the History and Government Department who instilled motivation in him; and Dr. Anderson, along with other professors within the Department of Natural Sciences, who contributed to preparing Jones for his choice of career.

“Barry is one of the brightest, most dedicated students we have seen in the biology program at Bowie State University,” said Dr. George Acquaah, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, in a statement. “One of our primary goals is to prepare students for graduate and professional school or for the workforce. Barry is an exceptional student whose commitment paid off with his acceptance into Howard University’s School of Pharmacy.”

Jones will begin attendance at Howard University’s School of Pharmacy this fall.