Arkansas citizens in two rural counties voted during the November general election to send an active member of a White supremacist organization to represent the district near Hot Springs in the state capital in Little Rock.

According to the Democratic Legislative Campaigning Committee, Arkansas House Representative-elect Loy Mauch, R, is a “proud, active” member and former regional chair of The League of the South—a neo-Confederate group that is striving for a society dominated by European-Americans.

The organization seeks to “advance the cultural, social, economic and political well-being and independence of the Southern people by all honorable means,” according to its Web site.

Founded by Southern historians and segregationists, the group advocates for a second secession and the South’s return to a “general European cultural hegemony” that politically dominates Blacks and other minorities. Longtime group president Michael Hill reportedly calls antebellum slavery “God-ordained.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center, a non-profit civil rights organization, labels The League of the South as a hate group.

Mauch is a dues-paying member of the organization in which the Democratic Campaigning Committee noted his long history in neo-Confederate radicalism. He was the former head of the Sons of the Confederate Veterans, hosted a conference vilifying Abraham Lincoln with a keynote address titled “Homage to John Wilkes Booth” and called President Obama an “illegitimate” president.

According to the committee, Mauch told The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette “what the Confederate Battle Flag truly symbolizes…It’s a symbol of constitutional government. It’s a symbol of Jesus Christ above all else. It’s a symbol of Biblical government.”

But Arkansas Times Associate Editor David Koon said the election reflected voter wraith at incumbents. “It’s very clear by now that a lot of Arkansans walked into the voting booth Nov. 2 and simply filled in the bubble next to anyone’s name that didn’t have a `D’ beside it,”

Mauch will represent the rural regions of Hot Springs and Garland counties. According to the Republican’s campaign Web site, his core principles are to restore the Constitutional Republic established by America’s founding forefathers and fight socialism and economic doom.