Redskins star Albert Haynesworth still refuses to attend the team’s organized activities (OTAs) but it appears the Redskins aren’t the only folks he’s neglecting.

The New York Post reports Haynesworth is facing a $10 million paternity suit filed by a Brooklyn exotic dancer who claims the football start abandoned her after she became pregnant.

According to the Post, four-month pregnant Silvia Mena says she first met Haynesworth in Miami late 2009 and dated him in early 2010 before he dumped her after discovering she was pregnant in February.

The reports say that the 6-foot 6-inch, 350-plus pound defensive lineman—who signed a $100 million contract with Washington in 2009—hasn’t talked to 25-year-old Mena since March and hasn’t offered any financial support towards her medical fees.

According to the Post, in her lawsuit filed in the Brooklyn Supreme Court, Mena claims that Haynesworth, 28, initially promised her she would receive financial and emotional support throughout the pregnancy, but has not kept his word.

Haynesworth’s assistant suggested that Mena seek medical treatment from a NFL physician, but she declined, saying she feared “some effort might be made to purposefully make her lose the child,” according to the report.

“This man is worth millions,” said Salvatore Strazzullo, Mena’s attorney, told the Post.

“She has had to apply for Medicaid to take care of her pregnancy.”

Haynesworth has yet to address these claims with the media.


Perry Green

AFRO Sports Editor