In a few weeks The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore will debut a new addition –  a female bald eagle  (Haliaeetus leucocephalus). “This eagle came to us from the National Aviary in Pittsburgh which began caring for her at the request of the US Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS),” said Jen Kottyan, avian collection and conservation manager at the Zoo. “She was found in North Carolina in June of 2009, and despite the efforts to rehabilitate and release her to the wild, she was unable to survive on her own and was deemed non-releasable.”

After living at the National Aviary for the past few years, the eagle has landed here in Maryland! Once the mandatory quarantine period has ended and the veterinarians have given her a clean bill of health, she will make her home in the Polar Bear Watch section of the Zoo.  “She is approximately five years old and has not yet fully developed the completely white head that distinguishes the bald eagle from other large birds,” Kottyan said.  “What we need now is a good name for her, so we are asking the public for their help.”

The following names were selected by the Zoo keepers who will care for the eagle once she is out of quarantine:

Scout – for the Eagle Scouts

Sioux – in honor of the Native American and First Nations people in North America

Migisi  – Chippewa for eagle

Annie  – for Annie Oakley, the American marksman and exhibition shooter

Vega – a constellation in the summer sky also known as the “Swooping Eagle”

Visit the Maryland Zoo website at www.marylandzoo.org/eaglename , until July 14, to vote for your favorite name.  The winning name will be announced later in July when the eagle makes her public debut.