Prince Georges County and Takoma Park, Md. police shot and killed a would-be bank robber Jan. 28 when the suspect slipped on ice, lost control of the hostage he was using as a shield and police opened fire.

Gunfire erupted, and the suspect was killed. A Prince George’s Police officer suffered a superficial gunshot wound to the leg.

According to Reuters, six people were inside the bank when police responded to the Capitol One Bank branch in a shopping center.

The suspect emerged from the bank holding a gun to the head of a female hostage, and police officers asked the suspect to let the hostage go, but the suspect refused. As he attempted to flee, the suspect slipped on a piece of ice and the hostage was able to run away.

According to police, the man had a mock explosive device taped to his body made from Styrofoam. The suspect’s name had not been released as of the afternoon of Jan. 29 but, according to The (Gaithersburg, Md.) Gazette, he is described as a Hispanic man in his 40s.

At least one patron in the bank was said to have been pistol-whipped by the suspect.

“This is a case between three jurisdictions,” said Takoma Park Police Chief Ronald Ricucci. “We always work good together and I think today shows, once again, the cooperation between us.”