GLO30 offers an innovative skin care treatment program that is progressively managed by artificial intelligence. (Photos courtesy of Robyn Dixon)

By Dareise A. Jones,
Special to the AFRO

GLO30 is a facial and non-invasive skincare brand that offers proprietary treatments, including the monthly FreshGLO facial, and the NanoGLO micro infusion facial.

The company prides itself on its proprietary artificial intelligence (AI), GLOria, which they say is the industry’s first AI technology used to customize treatments and give product recommendations in real-time. The suggestions created are aimed at leading members to what the brand calls the “GLO Zone” of skin health.

There are currently four GLO30 Medi spas in Maryland, D.C. and Virginia, with studios coming soon to Florida, North Carolina, Texas and Amazon’s HQ2 in Arlington, Va.

Dr. Arleen Lamba founded GLO30 in 2012 after experiencing skin issues in her twenties.

“I went to the esthetician, the dermatologist, the famous dermatologist, the famous spa, and the beauty counters, but my skin just got worse,” the former anesthesiologist shared. “So, I thought, I’m a doctor and it’s so hard and so much money to figure out what’s happening with my skin, why don’t I figure it out scientifically on my own.”

Lamba’s research led her to create an accessible and affordable skincare brand that members use to get and maintain glowing skin every thirty days.

“Ten years ago, I came up with a plan that if every 30 days the skin cycle changes, you take care of your skin in a specific design manner, not just random facials or treatments, but in a design manner,” Lamba explained. “Our fresh gold facial maintenance treatment is designed every month to deliver glowing skin which is based on the science of the month. We look at what’s happening with the precipitation, temperature and humidity to determine what ingredients to use that month.”

Robyn Dixon has several streams of income as an entrepreneur through her boutique and hat business. The celebrity is eager to add GLO30 to her comprehensive portfolio. (Photos courtesy of Robyn Dixon)

Robyn Dixon, a prominent cast member of Bravo’s hit reality show “Real Housewives of Potomac,” will open her first doctor-led, subscription-based GLO30 center in Columbia, Md. before expanding the brand across the state.

Dixon, who has been a member for ten years, said she immediately texted Dr. Arleen Lamba, the founder of GLO30, after she announced on Instagram that they were franchising.

“I have been a longtime member of GLO30, and I’ve been there to see the evolution and growth of the company, and it was very organic,” said Dixon. “There’s a reason why there are so many members who have remained at GLO30 for years. It’s because of the consistency and quality of the service and products.”

Dixon found it easy to become an owner in the GLO30 family due to Dr. Lamba’s innovative strategy in skincare and business.

GLO30 is not Dixon’s first foray into business; she is a real estate investor and the owner of Embellished, a chic satin lined fashion cap company. However, it is her first time as a franchisee, a challenge the reality TV star welcomes.

“I’ve learned I love a challenge,” Dixon shared. “This is going to be a huge challenge for me, because I’ve never owned a business that has a physical space and employees. I’ve done well on the E-commerce space with my hat business, but now I’m taking my challenges to the next level.”

Embracing her new role as a GLO30 franchisee, Dixon exudes unwavering confidence in her latest entrepreneurial venture. With a determined spirit, she stated, “I know it’s going to be a home run. I know that I’m in good hands.”

Dixon said viewers will see firsthand the ins and outs of this new business endeavor on the upcoming season of “Real Housewives of Potomac” and she is excited about sharing the challenges and triumphs of her journey to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs.

Dr. Lamba is equally excited and honored to work with Dixon to expand GLO30 in Maryland.

“I think the biggest pride for us is when Robyn decided to onboard with us because she was a member and when someone who’s experienced your services and has been a part of your business in that way, sees something special,” she said. “I think there’s no bigger compliment a business could get than that.”