Want to help your neighborhood gain control over its own destiny?

Want to help the next generation understand what civic pride and action mean? Then we need YOU to step up!

Howard Park is about to begin a housing survey and needs to know the number of vacant houses, vacant lots and nuisance houses in the neighborhoods.

The intent is to teach students from the Service Learning Program to map this information.

The data they gather will appear on an electronically generated map. (An example is shown below) The X’s show vacant houses, the small circles show nuisance housing–The students will use their cell phones, or tablets or computers to gather and enter this data.

Volunteers are needed to provide guidance in gathering information, maintaining safety and reminders of the importance of their work.

The time investment is estimated to be around 5-10 flexible hours per week.

Volunteers will be trained in all necessary skills, mostly on Saturdays; but weekdays may also be required. They must also pass a background check since they will be working with school age children.

For more information, visit howardparkca.org.