The Howard University family is mourning the death a 22-year-old student from Baltimore who drowned last weekend.

According to a statement issued by the university, Davon Green Franklin died in Cancun, Mexico, while on spring break with friends. “The student body, especially those knew him well, is particularly distraught,” the statement read.

Franklin was a member of Kappa Alpha Psi at the university and was due to graduate in May. He had been looking to further his education by enrolling in divinity school. “He was a young man, but he was very responsible,” said Norman Grant, who was Franklin’s fraternity brother.

Following word of the drowning, many of Franklin’s fellow students cut short their break to return to campus in his honor. According to his mother, who was interviewed by a local TV station, at the time of the incident Franklin had been on some type of floating device and had gotten a cramp in his leg. 

“And he basically went underwater,” she said, adding that, “I will remember his smile. I will remember his wisdom that was measured beyond his years.”

A blog posted by Melanie Denise, a Howard student from Chicago, states that Franklin drowned March 14 in the ocean in Cancun. 

Franklin’s funeral took place March 23 at Morning Star Baptist Church in Catonsville, Md.

Howard students are also in the process of planning a memorial service.