September 15, 8:30AM, Western High School
Official Signing Ceremony and Celebration

September 7, 2021…. Western High School Principal Michelle White announced today the  formation of a new partnership between Western High School, Baltimore, Maryland, USA, and  the Sister School Global Initiative (SSGI). Principal White and HRH Princess Dr. Moradeun  Ogunlana developed the partnership to expand their young women’s understanding of diverse  world cultures and preparation for future global leadership roles.  

“This is a distinctive opportunity for Western girls who are setting their sights on leadership roles,  not just in Baltimore but in the world,” said Principal White. The official signing ceremony takes  place on Wednesday, September 15th, to celebrate a shining new path for students’ personal,  academic, and professional growth.  

Princess Ogunlana is the founder and CEO of the Sister School  

Global Initiative through the African Women’s Health Project  

International as part of its seven adopted United Nations  

Sustainable Development Goals 2030. Its commitment is to pair  

high-performing secondary schools in Africa with outstanding  

sister schools in other parts of the world. She is excited to begin  

with Western High School, with its illustrious alumnae and  

legacy as America’s oldest all-girls public school.  

The signing ceremony begins a robust cultural exchange between students of the schools  including collaborative virtual projects and a structured timed program to eventually include  visiting and living in each other’s country.  

Dr. Brenda Morant (WHS alumna), Founder/CEO of the Atlanta-based International Women’s  Think Tank (IWTT) and Board Member of the Western High School Foundation, Inc. (WHSF),  brought IWTT’s principles of global understanding and international contacts to her work on the  WHSF Board. Having connected Principal White and Princess Ogunlana for a series of  conversations towards partnership, Dr. Morant will continue to serve as the liaison and facilitator  for upcoming joint projects. 

The first project is to have each student body create videos reflecting the learning environment  and spirit of sisterhood in their American and Nigerian schools. The videos will include visual  arts, music, and dance to convey vividly each school’s culture. At the same time, the schools will  begin to pair individual students with a “sister” abroad, providing guidelines and coaching on  how to break the ice and build authentic relationships with people from different backgrounds. 

According to the Princess, “We believe individual relationships, sharing cross-cultural  experiences and perspectives, are the key to personal maturity and women’s professional  ascension…and as importantly, to a more harmonious world.” As evidence of the power of  individual relationships, her longstanding friendship with Brenda Morant and new friendship  with Principal White are the basis of the implementation and ongoing success of the new Sister  Schools programs. 

About HRH Princess Dr. Moradeun Ogunlana 

Princess Ogunlana, a UN Ambassador for Peace, is globally recognized as a leader on women  empowerment in her multiple roles, including: 

CEO of Innovative Global Consulting, an Infrastructure,  

Agriculture, Energy, Business, and Economic Development  

corporation connecting businesses in Africa to the World. 

Founder/CEO of African Women’s Health Project International  

(AWHPI) an international non-profit group empowering women  

globally thru access to affordable healthcare, agriculture, and  

cultural developments. SSGI is operated under the AWHPI. 

Serving as ambassador and descendant of one of the oldest and most distinguished royal family lines in Lagos, Nigeria. She is the granddaughter of His Royal Majesty, David  Ajasa Ogunlana, the Obanikoro of Lagos, in Nigeria, who ruled from 1948 to 1969.  

About Western High School 

Western High School, founded in 1844, is a college-preparatory high school  serving young women in the Baltimore area. Its strategically designed  

rigorous curriculum encourages advanced-level course work.  

As students in a high-energy, wholesomely competitive academic  

atmosphere, Western students learn to take charge of their own lives, solve  problems, initiate advancements, and assume leadership roles in school,  

career and community settings.  

In March 2020, Western High School Foundation, Inc. was formed to support, highlight and  enhance the school’s distinctive offerings for students now and through future generations. For  more information, contact  

Lucem Accepimus, Lucem Demus