Even after the successful inauguration of a two term African American President, I still believe our dreams of a world without racism and condemnation because of the color of your skin has yet to be manifested.

Now let me be clear, a majority of the people are not racist, but the minority of people who are racist maintain a higher power in government or employment and suckle from the breast of racism.

I still have a dream that the fog or haze of quiet and subtle levels of racism will have lifted and not be disguised as one political party over another.

I still have a dream that when any future presidents are men or women of color they do not have to deal with the level of open disrespect that is targeted toward this President.

I still have a dream that in states like Florida where the option to take the life of an African-American child is based on whether or not a person feels threaten, no longer exists; ironically all young black teenage boys seem to be a threat.

I still have a dream that police brutality and the use of extreme force is not based on color but based on the extreme measures taken by the criminal or the suspect.

I still have a dream that when a women of color like First Lady Michelle Obama is considered strong and intelligent by her own people, she is portrayed as an angry black woman to people of different races that can’t appreciate her strength and her wisdom.

Until these dreams have been manifested not just for African Americans, but for all people who had been blessed to be a part of the minority, we will continue to dream and take action.

We are a movement by ourselves, but a force when we stand together!


Tiffany Thomas-Randall

Cyber Security Specialist