ESPN reported that legendary former Georgetown coach John Thompson recently reached out to troubled former Hoyas star Allen Iverson, according to his longtime business manager, Gary Moore.

Thompson decided to contact Iverson following a Philadelphia Inquirer report that suggested the iconic coach reach out to Iverson, who has allegedly been battling gambling and alcohol problems, according to ESPN.

ESPN also reported that Moore was contacted by NBA commissioner David Stern and the two spoke briefly about Iverson.

“David was genuinely concerned for Allen,” Moore told ESPN. “He asked about his daughter and his wife. He said that if Allen needed him he knows how to get him.”

Iverson’s troubles began not long after his return to the Philadelphia 76ers this season. Not long after rejoining the team, injuries and his four-year-old daughters undisclosed illness forced Iverson to end his second stint with the 76ers on March 4. That same day, Iverson’s wife of more than eight years, Tawanna, filed for divorce. It’s uncertain if he’ll play ball again.

“Allen’s personal life is at the top of his agenda right now and no thoughts about basketball will enter into his mind or thought process until he’s satisfied that his personal life is in order.” Moore told ESPN. “Basketball’s not high on his list of priorities right now.”