Former Baltimore Colts player and movie star Charles “Bubba” Smith died of acute intoxication and heart disease, the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office recently told E! Network News.

The 66-year-old former athlete was found dead in his Los Angeles-area home on Aug. 4. Coroners said his body contained amounts of the drug phentermine, a supplement used to speed weight loss in overweight individuals. Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter said that Smith’s hypertension and astherclerosis, or the thickening of the arteries of his heart, also contributed to his death.

According to EUR Web, Smith’s heart was twice the weight of a normal heart and some vessels were blocked by as much as 75 percent.

Born in Orange, Texas in 1945, Smith rose to fame as an All-American defensive end for Michigan State University. The 6-foot, 7-inch star athlete was selected by the Colts as the top overall pick in the 1967 draft and helped the team win Super Bowl V in 1970.

After brief stints with the Oakland Raiders and the Houston Oilers in the 1970s, Smith transitioned into acting, appearing in several television commercials and shows. His most famous role was as Moses Hightower in the “Police Academy” movie series in the 1980s.

The manner of Smith’s death still remains unknown. A final coroner’s report is expected to be released in two weeks.