Paula Evans, a Landover, Md., resident, received the shock of a lifetime on July 13 when she became the state’s newest millionaire.

According to a press release, Evans, 39, was overcome with emotion and began to cry when learning that she was randomly selected on July 8 from over 44,000 Ultimate Payday Top-Prize Drawing mail-in entries.

Evans is a mom with a 21-year-old daughter in college, a 17-year-old son heading to college and another son, 18, who is disabled and living at home.

“I just want to be able to take care of my children,” Evans told reporters. “That is what’s most important.”

Evans said the additional money comes at an ideal time, as she recently completed her first semester at Prince George’s Community College.

“This is still so unbelievable,” Evans said. “I thank God for my blessings.”