Atlanta figure Bishop Eddie Long continues to find himself in hot water, as a bank has filed suit against him and two others for defaulting on a property loan.

The suit, filed in DeKalb County, Ga. State Court. Oct. 11, claims that Long and two business partners owe $1.9 million on a loan issued by the State Bank and Trust and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. The money was put towards a gym in Jonesboro, Ga.

This marks the fifth lawsuit filed against the leader of the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in less than a month. Four other suits claim that Long conducted improper relationships with four young men by offering cars, trips and jobs.

According to court records, in 2007 the West Indies Holding Company, which Long formed with Frederick Folson and Marrion Heflin, signed an agreement to purchase Hoops N’ Fitness in Jonesboro.

A spokesman for Long says the minister is unfamiliar with the lawsuit and has no comment.

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, this suit alleges that the three men owe $1.86 million on the defaulted loan with $32,000 of interest. The interest continues to accrue at $300 per day.

Heflin told the newspaper that he was just a business partner of Long’s, adding that he hasn’t heard from Long in some time and just wants to clear up the matter

“I never made any payments personally, but I can’t speak for West Indies,” Heflin said. “All I know is when we acquired Hoops N’ Fitness, we had a grace period before we had to start paying. We had some differences with the business execution and I decided to cut back.”

Another man, Danny Wright, the previous owner of Hoops N’ Fitness, is also named in the suit. Wright’s company J.D. Rock Enterprises filed suit against Long in 2008 claiming that he had not paid his debt. That suit is still pending.