Submitted by Sam Cox

There is something about the recent SCOTUS ruling on abortion that puzzles me. Why isn’t every lawyer with half a brain clamoring to have every justice that voted to overturn Roe charged with the following violation of the US Code 

923. 18 U.S.C. § 371

for conspiring to defraud the public, concerning the original intent of the 13th amendment to the U. S. Constitution? 

They have 4 to 8 clerks each, the research staff and full resources of the Library of Congress right next door, so how could they have failed to study the original intent of the 13th amendment, which conveyed the unfettered right to an abortion to every black woman, before using some faulty reasoning to justify jumping all the way back to some witch trials to overturn Roe?

I think it may not be that difficult to find that they have interfered with and/or obstructed lawful government functions just like those involved with the J-6 coup attempt on our government, in fact, I think they displayed the dishonest means, deceitfulness and trickery required in the code while the other branch primarily relied on brute force to mask their trickery. 

I recall being told that the 13th amendment to the constitution ended the legal rape (breeding) of black women by those men that owned or controlled the enslaved blacks on their property. It also turned out that was the only means by which chattel slavery was legally extended after 1808 when the importation of new slaves to these shores was scheduled to end. Tell me what could be more involuntary than being forced to act as a slave production and delivery system for the majority of your childbearing years, only to watch that child be taken and sold at the whim of your rapist? 

I find it a little strange that the online version of the Congressional Record doesn’t go back beyond 1899 but for those resourceful individuals who want to explore the debates and written records concerning that period prior to 1899 I suggest you start your search with the premise that powerful forces, those determined to maintain this system of rapacious capitalism and its bastard children, racism and white supremacy, are determined to block, control, deny, impede, prevent, retard and terminate any progress you might make on your own. 

This is also why we must convince the legislative and executive branches that they cannot delay a day in nominating and vetting at least 50 new justices’ representative of every currently unrepresented segment of society on the court, with diverse ethnicities, sexual identifications, religious backgrounds and classes/castes. These nominees must be fully vetted and ready to take the bench in November 2022 if my suspicions are true. This overturning of Roe portends the end of this experiment in democracy as we have known it. 

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