By Sharon Williams

It is time to get involved in our democracy because our democracy is in danger. On January 6, 2021, the day of the Insurrection, when the Electoral College votes were being certified by Congress, our democracy was almost destroyed by Republicans and far-right extremists when they violently tried to stop the process of our election and overthrow the Presidential election of 2020 and our democracy. Since the Presidential election in November 2020, and the Insurrection on January 6, 2021, there has been great division about which direction our country should go. About 77% of Americans feel that our country is more divided than ever before. We all need to make tough decisions about which direction we want our country to go. Decisions on should we have more inclusion and social reforms for all people (the Democratic agenda), or should we have more inclusion and privileges for a certain group of people (the Republican and far-right extremist agenda)?

This upcoming midterm election is not like any other election. People will have to choose candidates to represent them on multiple issues that affect our democracy more than ever before, such as voting rights, women’s rights, police reform, social reforms, civil rights, human rights, healthcare, education, and the economy. We can no longer sit back and leave it up to a few to solve these problems. We have to get involved to help our future, our children’s future, and future generations. Here are some of the ways to get involved to sustain our democracy:

Run for political office.

Campaign for political candidates.

Donate money to help candidates.


Register people to vote.

Teach adults that want to vote how to vote.

Offer rides to polling places.

Volunteer to make phone calls for candidates.

Make sure everyone you know votes, including your family and friends.

Donate money to social reform and community organizations, if you cannot physically get involved.

11. Do your research on candidates before you vote.

12. Help those who can not go to polling places vote with absentee mail-in ballot.

It is crucial that we do not let this midterm election pass us by without at least our vote for candidates that believe in our values, because this country is at a critical turning point. Either it’s going to get better if the Democrats keep the House and the Senate in the midterm election, or it is going to get worse for everybody with no progress for democracy with Republicans winning the majority in the House and Senate, blocking President BIden’s plans to build back our country better for all Americans.

We must vote like never before for all candidates running for office in 2022, and get involved in the primary elections, then the General election which is November 8, 2022. Our democracy is at stake. Our future and our children’s future is at stake. Like late congressman and civil rights leader John Lewis said, “If you see good trouble, get in it. Please get involved and make sure everyone you know votes. We have to save our democratic process because there is more division than ever before about how our democracy should be and what values we should have as Americans. Our democracy is in danger.

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