Dear Editor,

Burke County Sheriff Alfonzo Williams believes the shooting death of Rayshard Brooks is being politicized. What sounds political is a sheriff, without having all the facts, emphatically saying the shooting by an Atlanta police officer was completely justified.

Why would a Black sheriff publicly defend a white police officer who fatally shoots a fleeing Black suspect in the back? Perhaps the conservative minded Sheriff Williams is ingratiating himself to Burke County’s influential white constituency.
In his book, Black Labor, White Wealth, Dr. Claud Anderson stated, conservative minded Blacks, “Who place their personal advancement above the welfare of their race, often gain significant personal and financial benefits, recognition and access to power. They are anointed by whites as “leaders” and touted as role models.”
If not for personal gain, why else would a Black sheriff make such an insensitive, ill-advised public statement?
Kevin Palmer, Evans, GA, (706) 231-1831

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