We as voters and tax payers in the city of Baltimore, should not be made to beg for services that should come regularly just as they do in upscale neighborhoods.  I drive the city daily and I see the practice of selective distribution of resources and services.

If the city wasn’t under staffed for the past 50+ years there would be no need to beg for services and/or resources.

A vacant lot that is growing into a jungle is being overlooked by the city because the supposed owners are not made to care for it and the Brooklyn Homes crew of grounds keepers refuse to cut more then a walking path along the south side of it allowing the north side of the lot to become a jungle.

Trash and recycle waste here in Brooklyn is going to be one hell of a mess unless the

decision to suspend recycling for 3 weeks is rescinded.  The solid waste should not be allowed to pile up in this ignored and abandoned area of the city.

Those news reporters who check on issues around the metropolitan area of Baltimore city should put on their masks and come see for yourselves what I am begging for.  It is disgraceful to say the least.

I have been told by many politicians that nobody hears us because we don’t vote.  Whether we vote or not, we still pay taxes to and for the city of Baltimore to continue functioning and we expect our tax money to be used to provide us with the same sort of service that is selectively given to other areas of the city.

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