By Pamela Ferrell

The Afro is the only newspaper I have delivered to my home and as you can guess, I look forward to the cover story. When I saw your article “What is Alopecia and why do certain forms of it disproportionately affect Black Women?” with Will, Jada and Chris Rock it gave me pause, reflecting on the recent conversations with friends who I did not see eye to eye on this event. I believe there is no better education than adversity. People are talking but not so much about “why” the slap.  There are many “why” speculations. 

I appreciate your article focus on hair loss. My business deals with that very question and have answers. What the “Oscar Slap” represented for me was a man wanting to protect his family/wife (knowing the pain of her health-related hair loss).  

I have spent a life time protecting black women in hair discrimination cases, protecting black women’s Constitutional right to open natural hair businesses and protecting women from serious health problems that show up through hair loss. An insensitive joke about hair aimed at a black women suffering from hair loss, can have unexpected consequences.

If any good can come from this it is the conversation about why and how women can prevent and manage hair loss.  I see the pain and hear the desperation of a woman suffering from hair loss, its not a joke.

Thank you again for your article.

Pamela Ferrell, Hair & Health

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