“Maybe I didn’t love you quite as often as I could have; maybe I didn’t treat you quite as good as I should have. If I made you feel second best girl I’m sorry I was blind. But, you were always on my mind, you were always on my mind. Maybe I didn’t hold you all those lonely, lonely times. I guess I never told you that I am so happy that you’re mine. If I made you feel second best girl I’m sorry I was blind. But, you were always on my mind you were always on my mind. Tell me; tell me that your sweet love hasn’t died. Give me; give me one more chance to keep you satisfied. I’ll keep you satisfied. Little things I should have said and done I just never took the time. But, you were always on my mind; you were always on my mind”-Willie Nelson

Sunday afternoon I was thinking of my friends who are celebrating their wedding anniversary in Aug. while listening to WPFW 89.3. “Suddenly” I zeroed in on the words of Willie Nelson’s “You’re always on my mind” and was inspired by the lyrics and melody and thought, “What a perfect love song.” In the fast-paced world we live in sometimes we forget to tell our loved ones how much they mean to us but there’s one thing certain, “You’re always on my mind.”

“This is dedicated to the one I love.” Happy anniversary to Dante and Candes Daniels, Pat and Melvin Pierce, Rita and Elvard Cooper, Eugene and Sara Smalley and Mildred and Billy Harper. You represent a combined 140 plus years of marriage. 

“They’re leavin’ on that Midnight train to Georgia, said they’re goin’ back to find a simpler place in time, oh yes they are.” Pat Jessamy’ s southern charm and warm spirit garnered her many friends during her years in Baltimore and some  gathered at the lovely Ashburton home of Bea Scott for “Girls Day Out” to bid Pat farewell as she and her husband Howard head south to Atlanta.

“Southern girl don’t you know ya good to me and I dig you so I wouldn’t be right here if you hadn’t been right there.”-Frankie Beverly and Maze

The get-together confirmed the depth of warm relationships created by Baltimore’s former States Attorney. The ladies only event was hosted by Erica Cryor, Bea Scott and Mary Welcome. Among the guests in attendance were States Attorney Marilyn Mosby, Judge Yvonne Holt-Stone, Dr. Anne Emery, Marilyn Harris-Davis, Virgie Williams, Dr. Delores Baden, Anne Davis, Ellen Howard, Billie Garner Brown, Peggy Brown, Judge Miriam Hutchins, Aileen Taylor and Frankie Wilson.  It was a delightful afternoon as Pat reflected on her relationship with those in attendance. The smile on my face was priceless when she said, “Val, we have a room for you.” Yes, I’m leavin’ on that midnight train to Georgia.   Pat and Howard, I wish you bluebirds in the spring to give your heart a song to sing, I wish you health and more than wealth I wish you love.”-Gloria Lynn 

“Never can say goodbye.” Michael Jackson

Charles “Charlie” Owens is passing the mantle when he retires from Baltimore City Chamber of Commerce as the President and CEO, a position he has held for eight year.  During his presidency, he advanced Baltimore City’s economic and business ventures to be inclusive of people and businesses. His quarterly happy hour networking party engaged and bridged the old established business with newly established businesses while giving everyone an opportunity to mingle, learn and highlight their company.

“If it’s magic then why can’t it be everlasting, like the sun that always shines, like the poets endless rhyme like the galaxies in time. If it’s pleasing then why can’t it be never leaving like the day that never fails like on seashores there are shells like the time that always tells.”-Stevie Wonder

The death of my cousin James Peaco, a Harvard graduate, retired Army Colonel, former Judge Advocate, retired attorney for the Department of Commerce, Alpha man, brother, father, grandfather and husband to Freddie, his college sweetheart, and wife of 49 years, has left a void in our family. None of us will miss Jimmy more than Freddie. At the age of five she lost her eyesight yet she saw the beauty of the world through the eyes of her husband. The sweet whispers in her ear describing the sunrise, or the color of the dress, her son’s eyes and her granddaughters beautiful smile. Freddie, a strong, independent woman, retired from the Library of Congress and raised a family with Jimmy and now treasures her adorable grandchildren. She will continue to cherish the memories of the love of her life knowing that a love like theirs only comes around “once in a lifetime.”

Continue to keep Stella and Everett Fullwood in your prayers as Stella continues on the road to recovery and mourns the death of their son Tony Thornton.

Happy birthday Billy Harper, Eugene Smalley, Ernestine Jolivet, Jay Lewis, Tina Jolivet, Debbie Parker, Sara Smalley, Mildred Battle, Dr. James Wood, Rochelle Smith and Opera Diva Kathleen Battle.

Pat Thomas’s has a wish that her grandmother Gertrude Doleman receive 100 cards in celebration of her 100th birthday September 5, 2016.  Celebrate Gertrude by sending cards c/o Sacred Heart Home

5805 Queens Chapel Road room # 210 Hyattsville, MD 20782.

Frederick Douglass High School Class of 1966 will hold a 50-Year reunion on October 1.  Proceeds will benefit Historic Frederick Douglass High School’s scholarship fund. For more information, call 410-788-8262 or 443-604-5116. Committee members are Carol Turner, Danny McCoy, Wanetah Wilkins, and Jimmie Hayes.

It’s Virgo time on Sept. 17 with my birthday, your party, at Colin’s 7 p.m. until.

I’ll be seeing you.

Aleuta Continua (the struggle continues)