“If I kicked the bucket tomorrow, I would like it to be known that I founded the Congress of Racial Equality in 1942, organized the freedom rides in 1961, and attempted to bring Gandhian techniques of nonviolence to the struggle for racial equality in this country.” James Farmer

“Human potential, though not always apparent, is there waiting to be discovered and invited forth.” William W. Purkey

We celebrate Black History Month, to recognize people who have been significant influences and made outstanding contributions to society. Living for the Weekend recognizes the “Ordinary People” who make a difference in our community yet go unnoticed. This list is limited only by the space allowed. We could fill volumes if we listed the names of all the ordinary people who truly make a difference.

“We’re just ordinary people we don’t know which way to go. Cause we’re ordinary people” John Legend

We recognize and honor Cori Ramos, Larry Poncho Brown, James and Marcine Britton, Gloria “Tuttie” and James Bogan, Marsha Jews, Laura Knight, Michele McNeil Emery, Reuben “Tony” Marshall, Miles “Beanie” Bellamy, Doni Glover, Dante and Candes Daniels, Anthony McCarthy, Tim Watts, Randy Dennis, Dr. Allison Riddle–Fletcher, Dr. Michele Gourdine, Jerome Fisher, Dr. James Wood, Portia Wood, Pat and Howard Jessamy, Stephanie Kinder, Marty Glaze, Pat and Wayne Frazier, Ebony Lawson, Secretary Jean Hitchcock, Shirley Belton, Nikita Haysbert, the Rev. Toni Draper, Dr. Marcia and Frank Coakley, Dan and Delle Henson, Reginald Pinder, Tim Sanders, Binx Watts, Rosemary “Duchess” Atkinson, Sara Smalley, Commissioner Carolyn Colvin, Dr. Donald Parker, Takiea Hinton, John “Zenith” Lee, Mildred Harper, Jacqueline Richardson, Delores Jessup, LaVerne Naesea, Dorothy Boulware, Jeanette and Walter Hairston, Leander Douglass, Dr. Anne Emery, Claudia McKee, Reginald Haysbert, the Rev. Pauline Wilkins, Michele Brown, Wanda Watts, Zach McDaniels, Karen Johnson Chase, Betty Greene, Tobi Pulley, Auvea Fortune, Ann Winder, Donel Warfield, Victor Green, Erin Phillips, Frank Hocker, Jackie Brock, Sarita Murray, Ernestine Jolivet, Leah Hasty, Bernice McDaniels, Valerie and Pierre Stewart, Dr. Nina Rawlings, the Rev. Harrison Johnson, Ronnie Jackson, Kevin Shird, Betsy Gardner, Beryl Johnson, Peggy Sweeney, Mario, and the members of the Friday Night Bunch.

These ordinary people do extraordinary things that make a difference in the community and we honor them during Black History Month.

“Hail hail the gang’s all here” celebrating Susan Conway Ellison’s birthday party at the Mount Washington Tavern on Friday Night. The overflow crowd gathered on the second level of the newly renovated restaurant for cocktails. Before venturing upstairs, I sat at the bar with one of our favorite bartenders, Jimmy Ernest, enjoying complimentary steamed shrimp a Friday night happy hour special.

“Dance like no one is watching, love like you’ll never be hurt, sing like no one is listening, live like it’s heaven on earth.” William Purkey

Aliya Jenifer and her friends are still raving about the magnificent birthday weekend her grandmother Eunice Jenifer Robinson planned to celebrate her 13th birthday, beginning with a weekend sleepover. The weekend included a pizza party, manicures, movie dates, and roller-skating. Wow Aliya cannot wait for your sweet sixteen celebrations.

“Hey everybody let’s have some fun you only live but once and when you’re dead you’re done so let the good times roll.” “Laissez les bons temps rouler!”

“You are my friend” About 20 of us converged on the Inner Harbor to celebrate the birthday of my 50-plus year friend, former City Councilwoman Paula Johnson Branch, who represented the Eastside with distinction. Paula is the first of the 49ers to celebrate her birthday this year. Stay tuned, this is the year of the 49ers as proclaimed by 49er Dr. Jimmy Wood. Among those celebrating with Paula were her mother Phyllis Walston, her daughter Tanya Johnson, Dr. Marie Washington, and Jackie Washington.

Happy birthday to Dr. Hayward Burrell, Terrence “Mickey” Shields, Judge Yvonne Holt-Stone, Lydia McCargo Redd, Adarian Williamson, Marsha Jews, Jai Matthews, John Gilliam, Gabrielle Gilliam, Tyrone Seymore, Kim Mason, and my son Michael Gregory Lee. Special birthday salute to Gerald “The Captain” Brown who proudly stated, “I turned a quarter of a century” not 75.

“Tonight, I celebrate my love for you it seems the natural thing to do” Peabo Bryson
Happy 45th wedding anniversary to Dwight and Aileen Taylor wishing you years of “love and happiness”.

“If you have no critics, you’ll likely have no success.” Malcolm X
Sunday, March 2 the Arena Players are hosting an evening of jazz featuring Marci Flournoy and the Sounds of Paradise. Call Marci at 443-467-2348 for tickets and additional information.

“And I’m looking for the brighter days when all my hurts seem to fade away I’m looking for the brighter days to come my way” Leeland
Wishing brighter days and get-well wishes to Alisha Swafford-Henderson, Mary Jenifer, Elinor Bell, Lynn Brown, and Carol Hillary.

“When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, ‘I used everything you gave me’.” Erma Bombeck
Condolences to Martin Austin on the death of his wife Marie Austin: to Radio One and the families of Mike Roberts and Marc Roberts on their death; to Lois DeLaine and family on the death of her husband Dr. Thomas DeLaine; to Helena Hairston on the death of her husband Alonzo Hairston Esq.; to Wanda Watts on the death of her aunt Beatrice Wilson; to Dr. Eugene and Laura Byrd on the death of Eric Byrd; to Michael Guye on the death of Florine Wheeler, and to the family of Bonnie Matthew Butler, my longtime friend, on her death.

Happy Mardi Gras Valerie & the Friday Night Bunch