Few horrors can compare to a mother’s grief, something West Baltimore resident Connie Johnson knows firsthand. Her daughter, Bijan Brown, 17, died in her arms after suffering a sudden, massive asthma attack in 2007. She was a senior honors student at Western High School.

Since then Johnson, a personal chef, has made asthma awareness a pivotal part of her life and most recently coordinated a back-to-school haircut campaign/asthma awareness event for local children at the Men’s Room Barber Shop on Reisterstown Road.

Unified Methodist, Sharp Street United Methodist and Upper Room Worship Center provided transportation to the barbershop, where groups of young boys received a half-price ($7) haircut, asthma information, food, school supplies and a moon bounce.

A representative from the governor’s office was on hand to thank Terrell Talbert and the barbers of Men’s Room for participating in the outreach program.