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Motivating Students to Excel Through the Arts 

(Black PR Wire) BALTIMORE, Maryland — Since 2004, Leaders of Tomorrow Youth Center  (LTYC) has been changing the lives of underprivileged youth in the DMV through the arts. The  nonprofit organization, which serves youth ages 5-18, offers programming through partner  schools and establishments. Their outstanding efforts to improve lives is getting the attention of  several nationally recognized organizations, earning at least 15 awards and accolades to date! 

Offering year-round programming, Leaders of Tomorrow Youth Center mentors and inspires  youth to thrive academically, socially, and developmentally by encouraging self-expression  through the arts. 

Through after school and summer enrichment, kids are exposed to creative avenues that help  them unlock apprehension and progress forward. 

LYTCs goal is to reach the whole child! As such, the organization has made great strides in  helping kids forge through emotional and psychological barriers that often hinder them from  reaching their full potential. Some challenges may include but are not limited to, past or present  trauma, socio-economic deficiencies, lack of opportunity, and stereotypical labeling. Kids  enrolled in the program receive 1-to-1 arts mentoring, behavior intervention, and specialized  workshops to address vital needs. Professional development is also available for families. 

Having served more than 100,000 students over the past 17 years, participants in the DMV  region are showing great promise. Through LYCTs arts in education connection with local  school districts and partnerships with other organizations, the positive impact is widespread.  The nonprofit has collaborated with Child First Authority, Excel Beyond the Bell, Baltimore City 

Schools, Baltimore County Schools, District of Columbia Public Schools, Prince George’s Public  Schools, Elev8, and many more! These partnerships have extended LTYCs capacity to expand,  create and innovate in broader dimensions. Just recently, LTYC was one of the 91 nonprofit  organizations serving Washington, DC selected to receive awards of $12 million to youth serving organizations. 

Through great fortitude and diligence, Leaders of Tomorrow Youth Center managed to continue  programming despite the COVID-19 Pandemic. To that end, the organization has received  countless awards and recognition from elite groups such as WBAL Kids, Baltimore Office of  Promotion and Arts, Nora Roberts Foundation, Weisner Foundation, Urban Children  Foundation, Thomas Wilson Foundation, and Charlesmeade. The impact of LTYCs efforts  reaches beyond local communities; it is evident statewide! 

Also, recently, LTYC was awarded the NACo Achievement Award which seeks to recognize innovative county government programs. Their Scholars program was submitted for entry on  behalf of Howard County, Maryland. The criteria for selection includes one of the following: 

  • Offer new services to county residents, fill gaps in the availability of existing services, or tap into new revenue sources
  • Improve the administration of an existing county government program Upgrade the working conditions or level of training for county employees Enhance the level of citizen participation in, or the understanding of, government programs
  • Provide information that facilitates effective public policymaking
  • Promote intergovernmental cooperation and coordination in addressing shared problems

LTYC exceeded expectations by fulfilling most of these requirements, thus earning the award.  The organization is growing exponentially and hopes to ultimately reach youth nationwide! 

Leaders of Tomorrow Youth Center 


To inquire about programs offered by LTYC, contact CarVer Communications, Nicole Kirby,

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