The Lott Carey Baptist Foreign Mission Society has pledged an initial sum of US$50,000 in earthquake relief for Haiti.

This was announced by Executive Secretary-Treasurer Emmett Dunn in response to the devastating 7.2 earth tremor that struck the Caribbean nation on the morning of August 14.

As at the time of writing, more than 1,400 persons were confirmed dead and more than 7,000 injured.

“Lott Carey stands with our sisters and brothers in Haiti as they dig out of yet another horrific disaster,” said Rev. Dunn.

“Hearing the stories from our partners on the ground awakens unpleasant memories of the earthquake of 2010, which some have still not fully recovered. We want to assure the Haitian people of Lott Carey’s prayers and financial support.”

Aid from the global mission agency is already helping those in need. Ms. Lynn Joseph, founder of Mission of Grace orphanage, said a container of food sent by Lott Carey that cleared customs just days before the quake, is providing welcome relief to affected families at a village in Carries. “We are praising the Lord for that,” she said.

But while the orphanage escaped serious damage, a home for the elderly collapsed. Ms. Joseph reported extensive damage to houses and other structures.

“Right now, we are needing prayers and financial support to start buying food and supplies to help the people. Most of the village is sleeping outside because their houses have been destroyed.”

Dr. Joel Dorsinville of the Haiti Baptist Convention, a Lott Carey global partner, said “The Southwestern region of the country is critically affected by the destruction of homes and lives.”

He appealed for “solidarity in prayer and humanitarian assistance to the families, churches, and communities affected by the disaster.”

The US$50,000 will address the immediate need for food, water, and medical supplies. But Rev. Dunn asserted that “A more robust response will be necessary after a full assessment of the damage.”

Another potential disaster lies at Haiti’s doorstep. It is in the path of a tropical system that is expected to bring heavy rain, with fears of flooding, and strong winds that can cause severer damage to weakened buildings and structures.

Rev. Dunn calls on “all our churches and friends of Lott Carey to help us respond in a significant way. It is our prayer that God will comfort the bereaved, encourage the broken hearted, and restore health and healing to the nation and people of Haiti.”

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Established in 1897, Lott Carey has long term mission engagements in more than 20 countries in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, North America, Oceania, and South America.

Based in the Washington DC Metro Area, Lott Carey provides financial support and technical assistance in leadership development, education, training, healthcare, advocacy, and other services.

Rev. Eron Henry
Communications and Media Manager

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