Malia Obama. (AP Photo)

While most teens prepare to spend the summer working at a summer camp or flipping burgers, Malia Obama has been spotted working on a Hollywood set in a summer job that would be a dream post for most teenagers.

The oldest daughter of President Obama has been working as a production assistant on the Los Angeles set of “Extant”, an up-coming CBS sci-fi series that is being produced by Steven Spielberg and stars Halle Berry as an astronaut who returns home pregnant after a year in space according to News Leader.

The Wrap reported that the first daughter has been doing typical work of an intern and has not received any special treatments. “She helped with computer shop alignments and the director also let her slate a take,” one source told The Wrap. TMZ said, “We’re told Malia spent most of her day going on runs for coffee and drinks for most of the cast.” TMZ said sources told them that the first daughter also participated in showing actors where to stand during filming and helped walk performers through their scenes.

She is a rising junior at Sidwell Friends, an exclusive D.C. prep school, and will turn 16 on Independence Day. President Obama mentioned earlier in a New Yorker article published in January that his oldest daughter had a passion for filmmaking.

News of the summer position has stirred criticism, especially on the blogosphere, were commentators say the 16 year-old teenager was benefitting from her father’s clout and not her abilities.

Potus and Malia

President Obama with daughter Malia.

“I don’t think that this young lady should have this position” one commenter on The Wrap said, noting that as a mother and business owner, she would not provide that kind of advantage for her child. . “Parents with means have made it too easy for their kids. Thus, we have a population of spoiled little rich kids who feel entitled to have and do whatever they want,”

Other critics voiced concern that taxpayers will have to foot the bill to accommodate the Obama daughter’s summer gig.  Drudge Report commenter Jim Sorah presidential pull shouldn’t overshadow the impact on taxpayers of sending a teenager to Los Angles for a summer job. “… how much is the bill on taxpayers for transportation and security?”  he asked in an online comment. According to The Wrap dispatch, Secret Service agents shadowed the teen on the set.

“Imagine how many kids she cut in front of who were more qualified and passionate about getting the internship. Disgusting at every level,” said Rob McKinnon in a reaction that drew 13 likes on The Wrap.

In its account of the summer job for Malia Obama, The Grio’ noted that designer Ralph Lauren’s granddaughter represents his brand as a model, while Chelsea Clinton, daughter of former president Bill Clinton and former secretary of state Hilary Clinton, is getting paid $600,000 as an intern at NBC and Jenna Bush Hager, daughter of former president George W. Bush landed a job on NBC’s “Today Show” with no formal journalism training.

Michelle Obama has not responded to comments about her daughter’s day on the TV set. The first lady in the past has reiterated that she tries to keep her girls grounded and that they do have chores at the White House. “Extant” co –star Camryn Manheim told reporters she loved having Obama on set.  “She is graceful and lovely, and just charming and delightful and I don’t know how her parents raised her to be like that in the White House. I’m having my own struggle with my 13-year old.”

Michelle Obama has not responded to comments about her daughter’s day on the production set.

Jonathan Hunter

AFRO Staff Writer