By Hamzat Sani, Special to the AFRO

Tax Day was not a good day for the Trump government to collect taxes. While the site crashed due to record numbers of late filers, activists and politicians across the country gathered for the 2nd Annual Tax Day March.

About 200 protesters gathered on the East Front of the U.S. Capitol Building to call for a roll back of the Trump Tax Plan controversially voted in by Congress late last year. Speakers and protesters chanted “Vote them out” referring to the mostly Republican backers on the Trump Tax plan.

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) was one of the speakers at the 2nd Annual Tax Day March in Washington, D.C. April 17. (Photo by Hamzat Sani)

The first Tax March was held in 2017 to demand President Donald Trump release his tax returns and create a fairer tax system for all. Following the passage of what organizers call, “the Trump Tax scam,” the coalition of progressive and working class organizations mobilized to fight for a fair economy and repeal of the plan.

Attendees  included seasoned politicians like Minnesota Representative Keith Ellison and healthcare activists like Elena Hung whose child owes her life to the safety net created by programs on the Trump chopping block like Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act.

Partner organizations for the Tax March covered a wide range of issues. Collaborators included Americans for Tax Fairness, Indivisible Guide, Center For American Progress Action Fund, Working Families Party, Public Citizen, CREDO Mobile, AFSCME,, National Women’s Law Center, Economic Policy Institute, Patriotic Millionaires, UnidosUS, Take on Wall Street, Communications Workers of America, Stand Up America, Planned Parenthood Action.

Organizer’s for the event including Executive Director Nicole Gill argue that Trump and Republicans have turned their backs on hard-working Americans in order to help the wealthy and rich business leaders. They cite figures like those below that point to pattern of preferred treatment to the rich:

– More than $1.5 trillion in tax cuts for millionaires and big corporations

– 92 million middle-class families see tax hikes

– 83% of the tax benefits from the TrumpTax going to the top 1%

– 53% of all Americans will get a tax increase

– 13 million Americans losing health care

Judith Howell a civil rights veteran, who started her organizing career at the age of 13 with CORE, reminded the crowd the importance of workers that “clean your floors, pick up your trash and protect the buildings you work in” while ending her remarks with a statement directed to the sitting President. “What is your plan for us? You need to hear our plan for you”