Marion “Christopher” Barry, 31, son of Councilman Marion S. Barry, former mayor of the District, was arrested on May 28 allegedly for the possession and intent to distribute PCP. Barry’s next court date is July 27.

According to court documents, around 10:44pm on May 28, a citizen who claimed she heard fighting and screaming inside an apartment located at 4337 Martin Luther King Drive, SW flagged a police officer down.

As the officer approached the building, the fighting continued along with sounds of items being tossed around the room and people yelling. The officer knocked on the door of the apartment, announced himself but the yelling and screaming continued. A few minutes later the noise ceased and a male voice answered from behind the locked door, but refused to open it.

Another officer arrived on the scene and called for the assistance of the fire department to gain entry. When the fire department successfully opened the door a male jumped out of the window and escaped.

Inside the apartment, blood was discovered at the entrance. Police searched the premises for victims but found none. However, officers observed five sandwich bags filled with a green weed-like substance and a vial filled with a liquid with a strong chemical odor. The green-like substance was field tested and was identified as marijuana. The officer claimed the odor of the liquid smelled like PCP.

“Christopher” ,as family and friends affectionately call him, returned to the apartment where he was treated for a bloody foot and arrested.

His attorney, Frederick Cooke, Jr. refused to comment on the case. However, he did confirm that Barry owns a construction contracting company.

For years, young Barry watched as his father was the subject of ridicule for brushes with the law. He vowed to never get involved in politics. However, Christopher is no stranger to trouble. He was previously arrested in February, 2005 for assault of an officer when police entered an apartment building two doors from the Fraternal Order of Police headquarters.


Valencia Mohammed

Special to the AFRO