Judith T. Allen, an arranger/composer in Maryland, has released the song, “You Are My Brother” as an inspirational song for Americans of all backgrounds.

“I hope people will sing ‘You Are My Brother’ in villages, towns, cities and even in the United Nations. I want to use the magic of music to heal differences among people,” Allen said in a prepared statement.

Allen is a retired District music school teacher where she served thousands of students. Her tenure included working in D.C. elementary schools and as assistant principal and interim principal at Duke Ellington School of the Arts. Allen has also coached numerous professional musicians at churches and choirs throughout the region.

In 1972, Allen composed and arranged “You Are My Brother” for a D.C. Community Brotherhood Program. “When I was an elementary school vocal music teacher in Washington, D.C., I witnessed community activities that did not demonstrate caring, sharing and gratitude among students and adults. Too often, girls and boys showed indifference to their teachers and fellow students. I realized then there was a new teachable moment through music,” Allen added.

This “teachable moment” led to success for the song and in 1973 when ‘You Are My Brother’ was performed at the All-School Choral Music Festival.

The song is performed on YouTube by the D.C. Boys Choir at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVttsmZ4su0 and is available for download on CD Baby.