By Brianna Rhodes, Special to the AFRO

Maryland resident and Pelahatchie, Miss. native, Jason Tate, was recently selected to be promoted as a U.S. Army Colonel.

Lieutenant Colonel Tate is a 1998 college graduate of Tougaloo College and has an extensive background in the military. He began his two year career being commissioned as a chemical officer at Jackson State University. He also holds a doctorate degree and two master’s degrees.

The highly decorated and well educated Lieutenant Colonel Jason Tate was recently selected for a promotion to U.S. Army Colonel. (Courtesy of U.S. Army)

Since the start of his career, Lieutenant Colonel Tate has many achievements in the military including joining the Army Acquisition Corps, where he did procurement development of equipment for the Army. He also recently worked as a Department of the Army Systems Coordinator supporting Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System and Long Range Precision Fires before his promotion. 

Tate revealed to the AFRO that he’s had a great experience, overall, serving in the military and his mission throughout his career is to provide insight about the realities of serving in the Army, including benefits and career fields, to cadets, high school students, college students and the community.

Tate says that he is very proud of his achievement and is truly honored to reach such a huge milestone in his career.

Lieutenant Colonel Tate’s son, Noah and Lieutenant Colonel Tate’s parents, Brenda and Joe. (Courtesy Photo)
Brenda and Joe.

“I’m very honored and humbled to have the opportunity to continue to serve,” Lieutenant Colonel Tate told the AFRO. “We do a lot of cool things a lot of people are not aware of. They only see what the commercials show on TV and I think that is important, but I like to put out more of the Army stories.”

Lieutenant Colonel Tate is currently attending the Army War College in Carlisle Barracks, Pa., where he is pursuing his master’s in strategic studies and learning how to become a better and effective strategic leader. He will be competing for command at the brigade level and hopes to get a job in Maryland or Alabama as a project manager in the Army.

Along with the recent honor of being promoted, Lieutenant Colonel, Tate celebrated his oldest son, Noah’s, own promotion of becoming an Eagle Scout. Although Lieutenant Colonel Tate doesn’t think his Noah, 17, wants to join the army, he is proud that his son is being acknowledged as a leader. 

“I think that’s a lost art skill in society- is learning how to be a leader,” Lieutenant Colonel Tate said. “So what the Boy Scouts try to do is, they try to build certain characteristics and principles of being a leader.”

“I think it’s going to serve him well and when he goes to college and enters the workforce. I think he’ll be able to stand in a boardroom or a field of business and take charge and effectively lead his peers,” he added. 

Some piece of advice Lieutenant Colonel Tate gives his son is to keep up the good work and to continue to run his own race. 

“I often tell him, I say you have to run your own race and do what’s always in the best interest for you while still serving others,” Lieutenant Colonel Tate said. “A lot of times we get caught up in looking at what other people are doing, but what I often refer to is run your own race. You know what you’re good at. You know what fits you. Do that and use it to give back. So that’s something he’s trying to embrace.”

Lieutenant Colonel Tate has two other sons, Nathan Tate,14 and Nicholas Tate, 11. He is married to the former Kandie S. Stovall. A native of Huntsville, Alabma.