Rep. Kendrick Meek (Fla.) will be the Democratic candidate to face Republican Marco Rubio and Gov. Charlie Crist in Florida’s Senate race this November. Meek won the Democratic party’s nomination with 54 percent of the vote Aug. 24 by defeating Jeff Greene. Greene, a wealthy real estate investor, reportedly spent $30 million in his campaign against Meek.

“While we’ve been in a difficult primary battle, Charlie Crist and Marco Rubio have been building up their war chests. Well, I play the David role well and it’s a role I’m going to relish playing in the general election,” said Meek in his victory speech, setting himself up as an underdog facing a political Goliath.

Meek went on to criticize his opponents stating that current Fla. Gov. Crist was “all about special interests,” and “with Rubio, it’s all about the Tea Party.”

He said his campaign will rely heavily on grass root supporters as his former opponent Greene, outspent him by a 7-1 margin.

Reports from the Boston Herald said that Meek simply out-campaigned Greene, who would close out his public events by mid-afternoon. In contrast, Meek stayed on the trail and “campaigned in places Democrats often ignore.”

Meek has represented Florida’s 17th congressional district—an area that includes North Miami–since 2002, and is the first Black candidate to be nominated for a Senate seat from Florida.