BCCMentoring Males group members tour Hampton University campus

Mentoring Males group members tour Hampton University campus.

Director Cameron Miles and the guys in his “Mentoring Male Teens in the Hood” group recently visited Hampton University, ate lunch in the cafeteria, and toured the entire campus. The group stayed at the Hampton Inn and ate at local restaurants. They visited the Norfolk Naval Shipyard and the Virginia Air and Space museum. Miles calls the 8 to18-year-olds kings, so they’ll know their true worth, and 40 of them, the majority of whom had never been out of Baltimore, had a wonderful trip.  Miles said these trips build character, teach leadership, help the kings to see that by working hard, college and beyond are reachable.

Each summer they take a cultural enrichment trip; past ones have included Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Morehouse, Howard, and Delaware State universities.

His goal is that none of the kings end up in the penal system or the cemetery.  Each king that goes to college gets a $500  donation from the program.