By Hamil R. Harris, Special to the AFRO

The majority of the people who use Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority (WMATA) as a primary means of transportation usually don’t have police escorts and go through a separate gate to enter into the train station, yet the White supremacists part of the the Unite the Right 2 protest last Sunday in Lafayette Square, were said to have all the above luxuries.  Despite several people confirming Metro’s modifications for the White nationalists, Metro denies the supremacists were given a rail to get to and from the White Civil Rights rally- a site that ultimately resulted in their message and existence being eclipsed by thousands protesting their presence.

Last year hundreds of far-right activist clashed with counter protestors who came out to stand up against the event in Charlottesville which resulted in the deaths of three, one counter protestor Heather Heyer and two state troopers.

(Courtesy Image/Logo)

Jason Kessler, who organized the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville last year, obtained a permit to hold a “White Civil Rights rally,” last Sunday on the one year anniversary of Charlottesville.  In effort to keep people safe Metro officials initially proposed a plan to have the White nationalist ride on separate cars but that plan was scrapped after the union representing Metro workers objected.

Yet on August 12, the day of the rally, multiple sources confirmed that a portion of the Vienna Metro station was closed off for the White supremacist group to board a train car with security and head down to Lafayette Square.

“JUST IN – CLOSES Vienna station north gates to the public. A guard says Fairfax police will ONLY open these gates for #UniteTheRight2 protesters,” WUSA9 reporter Mike Valerio wrote on Twitter.

Julie Carey of NBC said, “Police with helmets moving into position at the south entrance of the Vienna metro. This seems to be the entrance where they now expect the Unite the Right rally.”

Despite these reports and photos, Metro denied any special treatment in a statement.

“The Kessler group traveled from the Vienna Metro Station to Foggy Bottom on a regular train together with other passengers media and law enforcement,” said Metro spokesman Sherri Ly in a statement. “They were escorted by the police to the rear of the train and the police road in that rail car and others to protect the safety of everyone in the train.”

Yet even Kessler himself implied that the reason why there was such a low turnout is because of confusion at the train, thus proving there were some accommodations for him and his group.

“I think a lot of my people got left behind at the train station,” Kessler said.

Lafayette Square was packed with protesters and outrage as thousands of many races came out to protest Kessler and his supporters who came to the grounds of the Square, spoke to each other and the media at 5 pm and then left 30 minutes later in white vans escorted by the U.S. Park Police.

Even though he was standing in the front of the barricade that was reinforced by the Metropolitan and U.S. Park Police, Everette Turner, 60, a resident of Northeast D.C., said he couldn’t see the supremacists.

“Where are they,“ he asked with a laugh.

One of the reasons why Kessler was hard to spot is because he was dressed in a blue suit, waved an American flag and never ventured close to the park filled with vocal protesters.

While he chuckled about the supremacists’ low turnout, Turner said the reason why he came was no laughing matter.

“It’s 2018 and we don’t need this. There are better things that we can be doing than watching racist people.”

The crowd pushed to the Southwest corner of Lafayette Park, which had been reserved for Kessler’s group and they chanted, “Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Neo Nazis got to go,” and when they left without any audible message the protesters chanted “Cowards, Cowards, Cowards.”

In a tweet Sunday, Local 689 of the Amalgamated Transit Union said the White supremacists were treated better than their workers who put themselves on the line every day.

“There are dozens of transit police protecting the racist marchers but drivers on Metrobus never see police protection on their buses.”