About 300 students who attended classes at the Takoma Education Campus in Northwest Washington which was gutted by a fire over the holidays, will temporarily resume their studies Jan. 3 at Meyer Elementary School, according to an announcement by District of Columbia Public Schools interim chancellor, Kaya Henderson.

Henderson said that while other options were considered, Meyer which is located at 2501 11th St., N.W. was toured last week by Takoma’s principal and key staff members. The facility was chosen because it was best aligned with the school system’s priorities, including its capacity to house about 430 students.
In addition, Meyer features classrooms as opposed to the open-space design at Takoma.

DCPS officials have met with parents over the move, which also focused on preparing the building for occupancy, transporting students back and forth for classes.

“While the devastating fire that destroyed Takoma Education Campus has posed some logistical challenges, we are committed to making the transition to Meyer Elementary School as seamless as possible so that teachers can teach and students can learn,” said Henderson.

Meyer was among 23 school buildings that were closed in 2008 as part of former chancellor Michelle Rhee’s thrust at reformation of the trouble system.