Nationally syndicated radio host Michael Baisden recently announced a partnership with the Black and Missing Foundation that will create a nationwide effort to help find and bring attention to the thousands of missing minorities across the country.

Profiles of missing Black, Hispanic and Asian children will be featured daily on the Michael Baisden Show in addition to appearing on his website and social media outlets.

“It was upsetting to me that whenever I heard about a missing child on the national news shows it was rarely a child of color,” Michael Baisden said in a statement. “African American, Latino and Asian children go missing every day, but you would never know it with the lack of coverage they get. I decided to use my national radio show as a platform to help find our children and let the parents know they are not alone.”

According to BAM data, 2,000 children are reported missing to local law enforcement daily. Of those children who are abducted, minority children equaled 65 percent of the total non family abductions. Of that number, 42 percent were African American and 23 percent were Hispanic.

“We are confident this new partnership will have a great impact and will help us resolve cases, reunite more missing children with their families, and keep our children safe,” Natalie Wilson, co-founder of the Black and Missing Foundation said in a statement. “We are committed to doing even more as the partnership grows.”