First lady Michelle Obama joined her husband on February 9 to launch the “Let’s Move” campaign, a 90-day plan aimed at fighting the nation’s childhood obesity epidemic.

“Let’s Move is a nationwide initiative that basically focuses on four key components,” the first lady said in a video comment. “First we want to improve the information and the tools that parents need to make the changes that are desired in their families. The second is we have to improve the quality of food in our schools. Third, we need to improve access and affordability of healthy food in our school. Finally, we have to increase physical education for our kids. We need to get them moving.”

Executives from 40 major food producers and agribusinesses signed on and pledged to promote healthy eating, including Irene Rosenfeld, CEO of Kraft Foods, and Brenda C. Barnes, CEO of the Sara Lee Corp.

The food corporation executives said they have begun to change the way they “develop and market more than 10,000 products, reducing fat, trans fats, sugar, salt and calories without sacrificing the convenience and taste consumers demand.”

Other participants in the campaign include Tiki Barber, NBC correspondent and former NFL player; Judith Palfrey, president of the American Academy of Pediatrics; and Milwaukee’s Will Allen, who is leading an effort to bring fresh produce to inner cities.

“Let’s Move is going to take families out of their isolation and give them the nationwide support they need to get their kids on track to live healthier lives, to eat right, to get more exercise and to be ready to face the challenges of the future,” Michelle Obama said.

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