Updated 11/30//2012– Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson has launched a new children’s charity, Mike Tyson Cares Foundation.

The foundation’s mission is to “give kids a fighting chance,” and Tyson plans to provide centers that will provide aid to children of broken homes. The foundation will provide youth with healthcare, school assistance, shelter, mentoring, job mentoring and other needs.

“I am very proud to launch Mike Tyson Cares Foundation,” Tyson told News One. “I want my legacy to be about charity and helping children. This is my start.”

The Mike Tyson Cares Foundation will host an official launch event Dec. 7 in Las Vegas, with proceeds to benefit two Las Vegas charities: The Shade Tree Foundation, which assists abused and homeless women and children, and the Awakenings Center, which assists local homeless and disadvantaged youth. Both “further the mission” of Tyson’s foundation, according to NewsOne.

A father of eight, Tyson has been known for his checkered history, including a 1992 rape conviction for which he served three years in prison, and an infamous 1997 bout in which he bit off part of Evander Holyfield’s ear. 


Brittany Buchanan

Special to the AFRO