On behalf of the Afro American family of newspapers and the family of Founder Vashti Turley Murphy, we welcome Sorors, family and friends to the Centennial Celebration of Deltas Sigma Theta Sorority during the 51st National Convention.

This is a historic gathering that honors the founding and the founders of our great sisterhood founded on Christian principles by 22 bold, brave and beautiful women. It is amazing that what these college students started in 1913 at Howard University has now grown to become the largest predominantly African American public service sorority. Collegiate and alumnae chapters are located all over the world from Tennessee to Tokyo, Germany to Georgia and the Caribbean to California.

Founder Murphy’s legacy is rich. She was a community activist, mentor, and institution builder and was known for her oratory. She was one of the charter members of what is now the Baltimore Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. She was also one of two founders of the Philomathians an organization of women who are lovers of learning in Baltimore, Maryland. Following in her Delta footsteps were four Delta daughters and now six Delta granddaughters and seven Delta great granddaughters.

Delta Sigma Theta has been able to break through ordinary patterns of service to challenge the cultural pecking order that is often unfair, oppressive, and unjust with a consistent strategy of sisterhood, scholarship and public service. Members have dared to be innovative even when public policy and praxis were prohibitive.
The sorority will celebrate its rich heritage in the upcoming days. Sorors also look towards a bright future following in the footsteps of 22 brave, bold and beautiful founders who led the Women’s Suffragette March as their first public act in 1913.

Congratulations to National President Cynthia Butler McIntyre for providing the leadership and innovation to mount a convention with a historic record attendance in the nation’s capital. Congratulations also to Past National President Gwendolyn Boyd, and the host chapters for excellence in planning and execution.

The AFRO is honored to be a part of this historic occasion. We will help you paint the town red and white!


Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie


Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie

Special to the AFRO