James Brown is a healthy young man of 44, who woke up one morning to COVID. (Courtesy photo)

By James Brown
Special to the AFRO

I woke up on Dec. 4 with a scratchy sore throat, which is not unusual for the winter months. But this was very different, as you can imagine. I hopped out of the bed. I did not have a cough or fever, but I was being very cautious.

I immediately called to find out if I could get a test ASAP. Urgent Care had tests available right away. Needless to say, it was positive, which these days is like a death sentence. But it was time to live by faith.

The doctor told me to isolate for 10 days, push fluids in the same way as if you had a cold or flu. After the first day, a fever kicked in. The first night it was 100.8, and it was the same for the next couple of nights. The fourth day it jumped to 103.8.

And I had no taste or smell whatsoever for eight days. The fever did not break for 10 days. I did a 14-day quarantine just to be safe for my household. I could breathe the whole time with some chest congestion, but nothing severe.

It was kind of rough with the fever and loss of taste and smell, but I thank God my symptoms were not that bad compared to the stories of people who had to be hospitalized. Many of them are suffering complications.

I’m blessed and very thankful. I just took another test Dec. 19, which was 16 days for me, and my results were negative!

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