For the growing number of African-American women across the country who have opted to “go natural” and ditch chemically processed and relaxed hairstyles, the Nappiology Expo in Hurst, Texas may be their Mecca.

Kicking off on Nov. 5, the event will feature a bevy of hands-on demonstrations, classes, product forums, panel discussions and more. The expo is the brainchild of Nappiology Inc., a membership-driven organization that aims to promote natural healthy hair.

“There is such a growing interest in the North Texas community, and even the nation, where women and men are searching for the best products, hot new styles and are eager to learn how best to care of their natural hair that holding an expo was an effortless fit,” De Phillips Johnson, owner of Nappiology Inc., said in a statement.

The event was created in 2008 as a way to connect natural-haired women. Now in its third year, the Nappiology Expo is expected to draw more than 1,800 attendees from across the nation.

This year’s event will focus on curly, kinky, coily, natural and wooly hair and participants will have more workshops to choose from than ever before. Seminars include “I Just Love My Wooly Hair!”, “The Grocery Store Natural Hair Regimen” and “Loc Styling” among others.

“Wearing your hair natural is so much more than just a fashion trend,” Johnson said in a statement. “It says to the world that you love yourself exactly the way you are made. Embracing your natural hair often leads women to a path of self acceptance and pride.”

Katrina Coleman, 24, of Fort Lauderdale, Fla. echoed Johnson’s comments.

“One of the reasons I went natural is because I wanted people to accept me for the real me. And in order for people to do that, I had to accept myself,” she told the AFRO. “I was tired of altering my hair to match up with what society thought was beautiful. Everybody should be able to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin.”

Coleman added that she believes sporting a natural mane also holds a ton of benefits.

“With being natural there is less hair breakage and there is a lot more versatility in styles. I can wear my hair in an afro, twists, crazy updos and straight if I’d like. Also, if you were a person who spent a lot of money at salons, going natural can help keep money in your pocket.”

The 2011 Nappiology Expo will be held in Hurst, Texas on Nov. 5 at the Hurst Conference Center. For more information, visit: