On Dec.18, the National Action Network (NAN) held a “Peace in the Streets” anti-violence summit at NAN’s national headquarters, the House of Justice, coinciding with two “cash for guns” events at Harlem churches in partnership with the New York City Police Department.

As the crisis of gun violence in New York – and nationwide – reaches epic proportions, NAN has mobilized leaders in the anti-violence effort to unite to create a special task force to deal with this problem in various cities.

The task force seeks to create a unified body comprised of local groups, concerned citizens, clergy, law enforcement and elected officials.

NAN’s Summit comes on the heels of a November press conference where the Rev. Al Sharpton and New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly partnered to announce that they would hold a “cash for guns” event where people turn in working handguns for $200—no questions asked.

“We need to get beyond our differences in politics to preserve our lives,” said Sharpton as he stood next to Kelly at One Police Plaza. Kelly noted gun violence has been a scourge of the Black community last year, adding that 73 percent of all shooting victims were Black as were 80 percent of suspected shooters.